Month Names

Noodle's Book of Month Names

Text and illustrations by Mứt
Audio by ĐQHòa of Les Lampions, Mai-Khôi, Hạc, and Mứt

Two of the names in Noodle’s Book of Month Names, tháng giêng and tháng chạp, come from the Viet “lunar calendar”. This lunisolar calendar is used for celebrations like Tết Nguyên Đán (New Year), Trung Thu (mid-autumn festival), and in some households, cúng giỗ (death anniversaries). The first day of the new year occurs sometime between late January and mid-February. Trung Thu occurs between mid-September and early October.

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Tháng Giêng

It’s the first month of the year. Li’l Mouse is super excited to get ready for Tết!

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Tháng Hai

In February, Auntie Water Buffalo grumbles, “Back to the plow tomorrow!”

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Tháng Ba

Come March, Mama Tiger scurries off to start the vegetable garden. And Papa Tiger? Papa Tiger is busy snoring L-O-U-D-L-Y.

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Tháng Tư

In April, Uncle Cat climbs the tall tree, up up up, to visit the squirrels.

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Tháng Năm

In May, Uncle Dragon is goofing off, playing so many games he forgets to study.

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Tháng Sáu

In June, the snake s-s-s-s-snarls, “You can’t avoid the s-s-s-s-sun by running away from the s-s-s-s-sky.”

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Tháng Bảy

It’s a rainy day in July. The horse neighs to the moon, “Come down, I will lend you my stable.”

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Tháng Tám

In August, the baby goat piles up the books to learn her ABCs.

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Tháng Chín

In September, the three Aunties Monkey hang lanterns to greet autumn.

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Tháng Mười

In October, Grandpa Rooster dawdles, telling long tales that go on and on and on and on and on…

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Tháng Mười Một

In November, the puppy dog asks her bestest-of-best friend the tiger to sit and count stars with her.

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Tháng Chạp

It’s the last month of the year, the boar ambles along looking for ginger to make rice porridge.

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