a drawing a word a day

To usher in the New Year, Mẹ and I took Kate Bingaman-Burt’s “Drawing the Everyday Every Day” course and felt inspired to make drawing a regular (if not daily) habit. Mẹ suggested to also use this as an opportunity to improve my (still rudimentary) Vietnamese, so I started things off with a meta drawing.

The only “rules” for this drawing & language challenge of sorts are: 1) Each drawing should take only 20-30 minutes, because a self-imposed time limit should naturally lead to, 2) imperfection is okay (or, done is better than perfect); and 3) the drawing doesn’t have to exactly match what it looks like in real life (in proportions, colors, finer details, etc.).

– Hạc –

The drawings are grouped into categories: Items from the kitchen (nhà bếp); items usually found at a drugstore (tiệm thuốc); material for arts & crafts (mỹ thuật & thủ công), etc. As you step through each category, click on the audio clips and learn to say the words for the items. “Imperfection is okay” applies here too!